Keyless access to the Renault connected car

 R.ACCESS is a web-service that allows a keyless access to a connected car. It makes easier the car sharing with no key exchange. 



This new service includes 11 technical data reports after each renting period, which are:


  • Vehicle identification


  • Fuel level

Mileage / Maintenance

  • Total vehicle mileage
  • Mileage to next maintenance
  • Days to next maintenance
  • Missed maintenance


  • Service warning lamp ON
  • STOP warning lamp ON
  • Handsfree card battery level
  • Tire pressure warning ON

Engine information

  • Oil level

The future of R.ACCESS

By the end of 2014, the Renault Clio will be eligible for the R.ACCESS web-service. It will be followed during 2015 by both Renault Captur & Zoé. Moreover, this web-service will evolve each year and offer new features to our clients such as the geolocation of vehicles in 2015.

Thereafter, Renault will develop the R.ACCESS service and open it gradually to new vehicles within Renault’s product range.