Renault’s new Flexi Charger, a cable which allows ZOE owners to plug their electric vehicle into an ordinary household power socket. Renault has also introduced a new Z.E. Access battery lease plan with prices starting from €49 per month for low-mileage motorists.


« Now that many automakers are embarking on electric vehicle programmes, Renault offers a full range of electric cars. With a market share of 37% in Europe, Renault is leading the field in this promising technology for the future of the automotive industry. Sales are increasing worldwide and have even got off to a stronger start than hybrid vehicles did when they were launched in Europe .»

Philippe Klein, Executive Vice President, Product Planning & Programmes

Zoe offers charging a domestic plug

Renault_55301_global_frAt the end of the first quarter of 2014, Renault will start marketing the Flexi Charger, a new charging cable which extends ZOE’s charging options by enabling the vehicle to be charged from a standard household power socket. Initially scheduled for launch in France (March 4), Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Luxembourg, the Flexi Charger will gradually become available across the rest of Europe in the course of 2014.

The Flexi Charger: flexible in two ways :

  1. When connected to a specially-designed socket such as Legrand’s Green’up Access socket, installed by a certified electrician at the place where the customer generally parks, the fully-compliant Flexi Charger will completely charge the vehicle in between 8 and 10 hours. By way of comparison, the Wall-Box can charge the vehicle in between 6 and 9 hours (3kW version), or between 3 and 4 hours (7kW version).
  2. The Flexi Charger can also be used to plug ZOE into a standard 230-volt household power socket for top-up charging1. “Imagine you’re having dinner at some friends’ house and you’re worried you won’t have enough charge to get you home. The Flexi Charger will give you a range of about 25 kilometres if you plug it into a standard 230-volt socket for three hours,” says Aurélien Subsol, ZOE product manager.

The Flexi Charger will also be available as an accessory for current ZOE owners.

Proper functioning of the Flexi Charger is only guaranteed if the electrical installation is of a high quality and compliant with standards.

Renault Zoe - A raft of innovations and 60 patents to make zero emission* driving affordable for all

Renault ZOE is a readily affordable all-electric city car designed for everyday use. Boasting more than 60 patents filed in the course of its design and development, ZOE features the most advanced electric vehicle technology to promote user friendliness and extend range.

  • Using the Chameleon charger, ZOE is the only electric vehicle that can be charged in between 30 minutes and 10 hours depending on the power available at the socket (between 3 and 43kW) via a single plug on the car. Using a standard 230-volt socket (2.2kW), ZOE can also get a top-up of approximately 25 kilometres in three hours with the Flexi Charger.
  • ZOE has a best-in-class range of between 100 and 150 kilometres depending on driving style and weather. It is also the first mass-market electric vehicle to achieve an NEDC** range of more than 200 kilometres (210 kilometres) thanks to its Range OptimiZEr system, which improves range whatever the conditions.

Safety is also a core focus. According to the independent European safety assessor Euro NCAP, ZOE was the best supermini in its class in 2013, ahead of its internal combustion-engined rivals.

To date, more than 10,000 customers have been won over by Renault’s 100% electric hatchback.

* During road use, excluding wear parts

** New European Driving Cycle. Standard driving cycle used by type approval authorities to assess the fuel economy and range of passenger cars. NEDC range data is indicative and provides a base for comparison between vehicles.

Twizy Cargo - Official preview

The LCV variant of Twizy, dubbed Twizy Cargo, is being officially unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. The result of a partnership between Renault Tech and Renault Sport Technologies, Twizy Cargo boasts a watertight boot with a capacity of 180 litres (payload: 75kg), accessible via a lockable rear door that opens to 90 degrees. This conversion was made possible by adapting the cut-out of the rear end and doing away with the passenger seat. The front seat is still adjustable..


Renault electric vehicles conquering the world

Z.E. vehicles popular in car-sharing programmes in Europe

In Switzerland, Mobility Carsharing bought 19 Renault ZOE superminis at the end of 2013 to extend its range of electric vehicles. The company now boasts one of the largest electric vehicle fleets in Switzerland. More than 105,000 customers can now car-share a ZOE thanks to Mobility Carsharing.

In Germany, Cambio-Carsharing and Hamburg’s Sparda bank have introduced an innovative car-sharing programme as part of a small property development project. Two electric vehicles, including a Renault ZOE, have been available for car-sharing since late 2013 by the 14 tenants of a recently renovated apartment block in Hamburg.

In Italy, two car-sharing services using Renault electric vehicles have started up in Naples:

  • Bee-Green Mobility Sharing has a fleet of 40 Twizys to meet the needs of local residents and tourists alike. The vehicles can be reserved by phone or on the web and then picked up from one of the 35 Bee Points located in the city’s car parks. They can then be dropped off at any other Bee Point.
  • Ci.Ro (City Roaming), set up by the non-profit organisation Napoli Città Intelligente, provides individuals or business users with eight ZOEs, three Kangoo Z.E.s and a Fluence Z.E.

Renault electric vehicles win followers outside Europe

To date, the Renault Z.E. range – in part or in full – is marketed in 23 countries around the world. In early 2014, electric vehicles went on sale outside Europe, in Turkey, Morocco, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates.

Electric vehicles are perfect for a broad spectrum of business uses, including home deliveries andcar rentals for tourists. Following in the footsteps of the French postal service, which ordered 10,000 Kangoo Z.E.s due to be delivered in stages up until the end of 2015, the Austrian postal service has just signed a contract to buy 40 Kangoo Z.E.s. In England, Eco Travel Network rents out seven Twizys to residents, tourists and businesses so they can explore the local countryside. Winner of the Green Transport Prize, they intend to purchase a Kangoo Z.E. to round out their fleet.


Did you know ? In 2013, Renault Group is leader in Europe in CO2 emission