The Renault KADJAR, The crossover with the power to seduce


The Renault Kadjar was revealed on February 2, but the wraps come off the new model completely at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. 

The Kadjar stands out, too, as a particularly fuel-efficient crossover with the availability of two diesel versions with CO² emissions amongst the segment’s very lowest, at 99g/km* . 

This compact crossover shakes up established thinking with a new, innovative approach to the segment, plus attractive styling. 

The Kadjar sees Renault extend its crossover line-up with a C-segment model that slots between Captur and Koleos in the range. In this fast-expanding market, the Kadjar is poised to help Renault to meet its ambitious international growth targets. 

In 2016, it will also become the first Renault to be made in China which was the world’s leading automobile market. In 2014, total sales exceeded 22 million vehicles, 26 percent of which were crossovers. 

Built on the shared Renault-Nissan CMF C/D platform, the Kadjar benefits from the Alliance’s expertise in the realm of crossovers. 

The Kadjar’s flowing, athletic lines mark a fresh take on crossover styling, while its sporty, refined interior is set off perfectly by the use of high quality materials and an equally high quality finish. Packed with quality, modern equipment, the Kadjar ensures advanced connectivity with R-Link 2 and peace of mind thanks to the latest driving aids. 

Available with either 4x2 or 4x4 transmission, the Kadjar invites drivers to get away from the crowd, yet its compact footprint (4.45m long x 1.84m wide) make it perfectly agile for use in builtup areas, as well.

Powered by a range of Energy engines, the Kadjar combines driving enjoyment with low fuel consumption. 

The Kadjar will go on sale early this summer in Europe as well as in some African and Mediterranean basin markets.

Also on display on the Renault stand in Geneva are the new R 240 electric motor which provides ZOE with extended range, plus the new Espace which will soon to reach the market. 

* Fuel consumption and emissions figures homologated in accordance with applicable legislation. 

« Renault - Passion for life », our new brand signature 


Renault’s new, more emotive design strategy is based on the different phases of the human life cycle. Since 2012, the Clio, the Captur, the Twingo, the Espace and, now, the Kadjar have served to dynamise the brand’s image. The 2015 Geneva Motor Show marks a new step in the process with the revelation of the new “Renault - Passion for life” signature which succeeds the ‘Voitures à vivre’ tag line to reflect the renaissance of the brand’s vehicles. Our vehicles have to allow their occupants to live fully their life. So the design and the well-kept details contribute to the pleasure and to the awakening of the senses. And the useful innovations facilitate the everyday life. The modernised Renault logo visible on the stand has now also been modernised to round off the brand’s new spirit.

The Renault KADJAR: a crossover with the power to seduce 


A fresh take on the crossover world 

Renault has taken an assertive stance in the C-segment crossover market with a design that expresses dynamism, strength and adventure. In Flame Red, the new model’s launch colour, the Renault Kadjar uses its power of seduction to bring a breath of fresh air to the market. 

Fluid, athletic exterior styling 

The Renault Kadjar is a C-segment crossover that draws upon the cues associated with SUVs, saloons and estates. 

The Kadjar incorporates the cues of the crossover world. 

The Kadjar’s ground clearance of 190mm provides an immediate pointer to the model’s ability to stray off the beaten track. 

The KADJAR also focuses on elegance. 

The Renault Kadjar’s strong identity is reinforced by the brand’s new lighting signature first seen on the new Espace. 

A refined, sporty and wellappointed interior 


The quality of the Kadjar’s interior is visible in its meticulous finish.

It boasts a uniquely stylish blend of comfort and refinement.

The instrument panel falls in the driver’s line of sight and points to the enjoyment felt behind the wheel. 

A safe, connected and assertive crossover 

The best of the SUV, estate and saloon car worlds for motoring on open roads and in built-up areas 

The KADJAR takes its robust build from the world of SUV.

The KADJAR’s versatility and practicality are inspired by estate cars.

Meanwhile, the KADJAR boasts levels of driving enjoyment and comfort associated with saloon cars. 

Equipped for a personalised, connected driving experience 

The Kadjar is available with the Renault R-Link 2 multimedia system, offering intuitive and personalisable connectivity. 

R-LINK 2: even more applications for businesses 

Designed to make life easier and particularly adapted towards business use, R-Link 2 offers a range of dedicated packages, such as ‘Fleet Asset Management’ which is aimed at supporting fleet managers in three areas: 

Reducing vehicles’ running costs: monitoring fuel consumption and mileage covered, anticipating and managing maintenance work.

optimising their activity: collecting data relating to vehicle usage on a daily and automatic basis, to generate better reliability and reactivity.

Educating drivers to raise awareness: in support of eco-driving and road safety. 

Escapism and adventure in complete safety


The Kadjar’s head light units incorporate two Full LED ‘Pure Vision’ modules that perform the functions of dipped and main beam. They are designed to:

Prevent accident risks:With the Active Emergency Braking System (AEBS), the Lane Departure Warning and the Blind Spot Warning

Help the driver in low-speed manoeuvres:Easy Park Assist, Front, rear and side parking aid, Reversing camera, Hill Start Assist

Help the driver thanks to a relaxed and responsible driving experience: Trafic Sign Recognition with Speed Alert , Cruise control with speed limiter

Efficient engines mated with 4x4 transmission to get away 

The all-wheel-drive version of the Kadjar boasts all-round capabilities. Even in two-wheeldrive configuration with Extended Grip, it is nimble over difficult terrain. At the same time, Renault’s new crossover is available with a range of Energy engines that blend outstanding driving pleasure with low fuel consumption. 

Engines that blend excellent performance with low CO² emissions


The Kadjar benefits from a choice of downsized Energy engines5.

All the engines in the Kadjar range come with Stop&Start and deceleration energy recovery.

The Kadjar offers two diesel engine options.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance’s best-selling Energy dCi 110 unit positions the Kadjar at the top of its segment in terms of emissions (CO² emissions:  99g/km) and combined NEDC6cycle fuel consumption (3.8 litres/100km).

In terms of petrol engines, the Kadjar range features the Energy TCe 130 powerplant, mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. 

Polished aerodynamics 

The Kadjar benefits from a sleek and efficient aerodynamic design that reduces fuel consumption and CO² emissions.

These features yield a 4g/km reduction in CO² and a 0.62 litre/100kph fuel consumption saving at 130kph.

With its efficient range of engines, strong performance both in built-up areas and across more varied types of terrain, an attractive design and quality equipment, the Kadjar combines all the strengths required to support Renault’s ambitions in the compact crossover segment. 


ZOE’s range extended to 240km*

ZOE’s range has now been extended to 240 kilometres courtesy of a new electric motor called R240 combined with a battery featuring an optimised electronic management system. 


ZOE now enjoys 30 kilometres of extra range, providing the car with bestin- class vehicle range.

The new motor features a new Caméléon charging system which allows faster charging at home (3kW and 11kW). 

ZOE can still be charged at 22kW at fast charging points.

(*) Range homologated in accordance with applicable legislation 

Renault is committed to taking electric vehicle technology forward 

Renault’s strategy involves enhancing the technology of electric vehicle (EV) motors and batteries in a bid to optimise the performance and range of EVs and support the development of infrastructure.

Courtesy of an all-new design and improved performance, ZOE’s new motor/battery unit boasts a range which has been extended by 30 kilometres to 240 kilometres*. Renault is continuing its research into improving electric motor technology. That’s the underlying goal of our involvement in the FIA Formula E Championship as both a technical partner to the series and the title sponsor of the e.dams-Renault team. By testing EV technology under extreme race conditions, this promising championship will help to speed up the progress of EV development in terms of both performance and range.

There are currently more than 50,000 public charging stations in Europe, 40% of which are fast charging points. This number will continue to grow in the years ahead and electric vehicles will become increasingly easy to use. 

(*) Range homologated in accordance with applicable legislation.

The new Espace to conquer new markets 

Unveiled at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, the new Espace is again on display in Geneva prior to going on sale in April. Reinvented in response to customers’ changing expectations, it stands out by its poise and by the qualities traditionally associated with large crossovers: 


A personalisable driving and travelling experience thanks to the Renault Multi-Sense® system which coordinates the various technologies devoted to driving pleasure and travelling comfort,

A unique level of agility and control courtesy of 4Control® technology (fourwheel steering), Outstanding driving enjoyment at all speeds, plus 20 percent less fuel consumption and CO emissions, putting the new Espace amongst thevery best in its market.

The poise and strengths of a large crossover 

Crossover styling 

The new Espace has reinvented itself as a generously-proportioned crossover that meets customers’ expectations. 

The Espace takes driving enjoyment to a new level 

The new Renault Espace stands out for its unprecedented Renault Multi-Sense® system, which adjusts all of the vehicle’s technologies –engine, gearbox and chassis performance, as well as comfort and ambience influences such as cabin lighting, instrument panel design and seat massage settings – to match the driver’s mood of the moment.

A first class travelling experience 


The Espace’s DNA can be found in its exceptionally bright cabin, outstanding travelling comfort and redesigned modularity – with a passion for innovation. 

Quality, rigorous production standards and painstaking attention to detail 

During the design phase: an efficient architecture, materials and processes; reduced vibrations; quality fit and finish; a stricter brief to ensure the use of resistant, statusenhancing materials.

During the manufacturing phase: €420 million was invested in Douai factory, covering new hot stamping technology.

During the testing phase: beyond the traditional validation tests, Renault developed a series of specific tests to perfect new Espace’s longevity in terms of its look and usage.  

On sale soon 

The new Espace will appear in dealerships across 20 European countries from April.

Even at the very top of its range, Renault’s large crossover boasts competitive pricing

Compelling arguments to win over business customers and customers new to Renault 


The new Espace has all the ingredients to attract and win over the segment’s demanding clientele, with its number one target being business customers.

Status-enhancing styling for the driver and the businesses they represent,

-  Low fuel consumption and CO² emissions position it among the most efficient in its segment,

Dynamic performance (unrivalled in its class)

-  The new Espace’s comprehensive range of driving aids and the Easy Park Assist system provide effective help and reassurance for high-mileage drivers,

Redesigned modularity for both five- and seven-seater versions and vast cabin space make the new Espace a practical and comfortable travel companion,

Innovative equipment such as the R-Link 2® connected tablet facilitates traveling comfort: swift access to information and control of the vehicle’s numerous functions

-  Finally, all of the work carried out by Renault in the area of quality targets the very highest standards in terms of appearance and usage.

The new Espace makes a thoroughly convincing case as an attractive, distinctive vehicle for the business user market.